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Primary 7

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P7 100th Day 100 word stories - Class of 22

Primary 7 wrote some "micro-stories" that all had a word count of 100. It was so much fun trying to figure out how to tell a whole story in such a short amount of words.


The moment - I had been waiting for this day for years. As the crowd roars I feel sick. Was this finally the moment I’ve been waiting for? They score we’re one nil down. It’s not over yet, as I begin to frown. A chance nears to score. Is this the moment I’ve been waiting for most of my life? Man Utd haven’t won a single trophy since 2017. Edison Cavani scores! I scream in joy, nervousness, happiness, and hope. Is this it? We are finally level. Extra time had no luck. Penalties it is. Everyone scores. It’s the goalkeepers turn he misses. -Jayden McKee


Last 85 - The last days of school, when Mr Livingstone said 85 days left, my heart dropped I got butterflies. I wish there was a Tonagh High, it would be the best high ever. There is so much I want to achieve like full attendance or like a medal on sports day. I am not ready to leave I like all of the teachers, I know all of the teachers. It’s going to be a big step in my life, but so I will never ever forget the best school in Lisburn and that school is called Tonagh primary school rules forever. – Adam


Sydney flashed her sword in front of her face as they tried to attack. A squirrel climbed up her arm and did a squeal. It pulled out its sword and attacked the man. “That’s how it’s done.” Sydney couldn’t believe her eyes. The squirrel opened out its arms and squeezed while jumping of the boat. Soon after Sydney saw the squirrel dancing with sunglasses and a drink. She rubbed her eyes as two other squirrels did the same. They all squealed and jumped off. She saw some bugs dancing and letting out a tiny squeal. She really couldn’t believe her eyes. – Emilia


Ali’s Chilling Day - One day a girl named Ali was alone at home. Her parents had gone on a trip. Ali was watching the latest episode of The Simpsons when she heard a loud bang coming from her parents’ room. She paused her show and went in only to see a fallen book. “Oh, it’s nothing” She sighed walking back to the sofa. Ali had chills down her back. Then her fridge bust open with the ham leading into her bedroom. Ali walked into her room just to see her cat Tito. She was so relieved. “Bad cat!” she giggled loudly. By Rebecca Dunn


Write 100 words! Tonagh Primary school is a great school. The children have lots of fun! So many people to be friends with. Toys! Outside. We have 85-83 days left of Tonagh Primary School. There is a lot of fun in Primary School. I start getting nervous as days go by. It is because I will go to high school. There are new people. Sometimes you can’t see your friends because they won’t go to the same school as you. But I am excited at the same time I can’t wait for it. But I will miss my primary school. I can’t wait! By Maja



Krusty the Clown jokes - Krusty was a normal clown then he thought to himself that he should make a joke shop and he said Aevery time someone came in he said “ARE YOU A JOKE STAR?” and the man said “no but you look like one.” And Krusty said “how dare you say that?” and he said to the man “you are a rat and go back to the sewer where you belong!” and then Bart came in and Krusty didn’t care because he knew that he was a joke star and Bart got rude stuff and a zombie costume. By Neil McClements


We have 85 days left of primary school and I don’t want to leave, I will miss all my friends that are Chloe, Katie, Adam and Jayden. I will miss all the teachers especially Mr Livingstone, Mrs Elliott and Mrs Banks. I am looking forward to go to High school I don’t want to leave primary school. In high school there is lots of older people and lots of other students that I don’t know. In Tonagh Primary School I’m in the highest class it will be so sad when I leave, but I can’t wait to go to high school. Primary school and high school - Ellie


The last day of school I’m so excited the last day of school I am going to be 1st year. While I’m excited, I’m going to be sad all the friends I have had aren’t really going to be close friends. I am going to miss the teachers a lot. Mrs Stevenson couldn’t be a better principal she is so kind and so nice. The high school I wanna go to is Laurelhill it seems like a good school and anyways I’ll make new friends and I’m sure how nice the teachers here are going to be as nice as Laurelhill. I can’t wait. – Chloe


My last 85 days of p7 It is the 100th day of school today in P7 Mr Livingstone said. I want to finish the work on our forest and I want to do an adventure day and have drums going and I want to do a campfire and roast marshmallows with it . I am also wanting to get a good AQE score and be able to play school football again and play against schools. I want to go to Inst. because people in my football team are there and my dad went there. P7 has been my favourite year so far and I love it here. - Jay


It all started covid when started killing people. So John Cena had enough so he tried to find covid but he could not. So he asked people and they told him it was near the wishing well so he went. And he was not there so he asked someone and they said near Benson Street and he went, but he was not there. So he got a call. And someone told him covid was at the ring. Waiting so John Cena got there. And he was there three two one go. John Cena body slammed him end. - Alfie


The last 85 days.... As the last 85 days came up my heart dropped. We had all been with each other for seven years. I wasn’t ready to let go of them even though some of them aren’t my mates they still make me laugh and it will be hard to leave. On the last day it will be the saddest day for all of us. Even the teachers. Over the summer the summer I will be miserable. Our funny, sad, happy days are all over in 85 days. The time flew over the years. I’ll miss you all very much. – Mollie


The Coronavirus Battle - The green like creatures, are like aliens coming down to earth. Suddenly more people caught the virus. And couldn’t taste or smell. The coughing begun! Wait until the antidote was finished (aka. the vaccine). Everyone is waiting for the weapon (the vaccine)! All the elderly got their vaccine first, then the adults to save humans from the deadly creature ( aka. the coronavirus). And the test to see is the creature has taken over you (to see if you have corona) everyone is free to live without face-masks and needles getting stabbed into people’s arms ( aka. the Covid-19 vaccine). – Jasmine


85 days of P7 - There is 85 days of P7. It is sad to think about that. All what the teachers did for us to the math, English, pe, re, word around us, PDMU and all the fun things. It will be sad to say goodbye to all my friends and the teachers. I wish I can stay in Tonagh. It is so fun in Tonagh. I think it sad to leave but we all need to. Tonagh is the best school ever. We have done 100 days of P7 and we need to do 85 more days. The best school is Tonagh. – Jessica


The last 85 days of my favourite school upon a time there was a school called Tonagh primary school. It was coming up to 85 days left of p7 it made me scared and excited at the same time. Because there will be more friends to meet and there will be classes higher then me it might be scary because of the older ones. But I am pretty sure I will be ok but I will miss all of the teachers. Especially Mrs Elliott, Miss Banks, Miss Jones, Mister Livingstone, it has been the best 100 days. I have had I will miss Tonagh Primary School memories - By Alesha


I work at this place that delivers food one day a ship came in and I opened it up there was nothing in it I started to panic what to do everyone has to eat tonight and there is no food in the ship or shops I have a really big problem on my hands but then a different ship came and it had lots of food in it but not enough there is millions of people live here I had a hock about in the empty ship and then I found a crate of food finally. By Cara Jess


Last 85 days of my primary school life - Once upon a time there where three little pigs they live in a small house with their mum . Then their mum said “it’s time for school” said mum. And off they went and grab their school bag and they went to a school called. Tonagh Primary School and they have a really nice and amazing teacher called Mr Livingstone. The pigs love Mr Livingstone because he is a really nice teacher then when it was home time the pigs race home. Then their mum told them they had 85 days left they started crying. By Lily Topping


The smash cats - Mr McFarland was at work, he was really busy. His job was a game creator. He was in his studio. Mr McFarland made a game called smash cats. He put effort in this. He was done in five days. On Friday he was done he tried it out. He was a cat in the game. First thing he done was eat all the stuff in the fridge. Then smashed stuff. Then he published it and turned his laptop off and went outside. Then he drove outside his house and arrived to a house wrecked. By Maik McFarland


It is my last day of P7 and I’m really sad I know all the teachers and been here since nursery it’s scary as well because I’ll be leaving my school I’ll have new friends new teachers I mainly don’t want to leave because I know all the teachers and I don’t want to be the shy kid again I will really miss Jasmine and Emilia they are my closest friends but I don’t need to worry because I still have their phone number so I won’t have to miss them as much high school is definitely going to be a change. Scared to leave primary school by Abbie


Mr carpet. I walked into the living room and noticed the carpet was gone! Then I saw the living room carpet I saw the living room carpet was alive! But it saw me! I didn’t know what to do... but then I thought it hadn’t got cleaned in a while... the vacuum is broken...everyone bought the vacuums! I was starting to give up... how do I clean the carpet!? Should I trap it? It knocked a man out… that isn’t good… I must hide! Then... I hid behind the sofa... it came in… I was sweating... feeling I was going to faint! It pulled the sofa and took me... end. By the 3rd smallest child in the class/Andie :)


The portals Last day of school. Oh no! The portal it’s broken! I got an idea. Londini. Help I need a portal fixer. I don’t have one. Oh no got to make one. I need my wizard gear. Right! Londini were first? Nether. Okay. WOW! This is cool. Wait where did you g- Hey got it. Okay. Right one more. Oh no no no i have the other one. Oh let’s get them built together. Done! Now point it at the portal. Okay. Boom. Yes bye I’m away off to high school. Wow. High school is really cool. Bye bye primary school! Bye Jaydn



One day a WWE match was live there I was in the back row. It was The Rock vs John Cena. John Cena goes “You can’t see me!” but we can. Then The Rock goes to punch John Cena but John Cena dodges it. The crowd goes wild! Then the Monopoly man walks in and slaps The Rock with a bag of money and says “give me rent!” The Rock runs out the ring, John Cena goes with The Rock. Suddenly heavy deep breathing can be heard. It’s Darth Vader! He pulls out his lightsaber. Now what will happen next? – Taylor


The soldier running through the forest so brave no fear hearing all the gun shots being chased by the Germans soldiers he quickly stopped to a drink of his refreshing water after he found his partner quickly running over to the trench then suddenly his partner dropped to the floor screaming in sadness knowing it’s only him left suddenly a helicopter comes he hides in the trench not knowing it’s the Germans invading all the trenches he was petrified he quickly ran as fast as he could then he dropped then woke up in a place suddenly that was the end. The last day from Jake Oliver McMichael.


The tv bounced, the radio sang, the toaster blew up with a bang. The door flew open, the windows snapped closed. The fancy china jumped and broke, my bed fell down the stairs. I was amazed my house was alive, I was excited and happy. Then I looked around and realised it stopped. My house was a mess an utter dump, everything was broken and beaten up. I went outside with utter dread. The street was cracked, litter was everywhere. Windows smashed but then idea popped into my head, what if my house wasn’t alive it was actually an earthquake. The house that came to life. – Patrick


This is the story of Anne Frank .Anne frank was born in 1929 June 12th in Frankfurt she was an extraordinary girl she wrote everything in her diary during the world war 2 she wrote in it when she was 13. Beb Voskuijl and Miep Gies helped them to hide in the annexe. The Anne Frank diary is read by millions of people, it was her favourite present, she couldn’t wait to write in her diary. Her dad was called Otto, her mom was called Edith, her sister is called Margot she died in a transit camp, the annexe was huge. By Mya


The end of Tonagh - The end of Tonagh primary is coming to an end. The final days are near. People in tears and some with joy. I stand alone with one any more. Do I wanna go? Every one leaving as we cry. But as every one is ready I run in. I go to my friend and I say “I wish you well”… I go for a hug but before I left... I hear a new teacher not the sub or my own… I AM IN THE WRONG CLASS I run but I was too too late…I go running home…in tears. – Lilly


The Last Days There - The last days of Tonagh Primary School the place I have grown over seven years almost over. Most ready for summer but some not. After summer I won’t be back Tonagh will be in my heart and I will visit without a doubt. Teachers will be missed but not my friends. Yes, I will see them everyday not at the shops but at Hogwarts. Yes Hogwarts a school of magic and I am ready to turn my brother into a frog if he messes with me one more time. Tonagh Primary School was the best and will be missed. – Maisie


One time there was a girl who always wanted kids so she decided she would adopt one. The next day she found twins knocking on her door in the rain freezing. So she decided to adopt them for free without paying. She brought them inside and gave them hot chocolate, as she was washing the dishes Ella and Bella ran upstairs and stole some money. When the mom came upstairs, she was so mad seeing the room empty and messy, she ran outside and grabbed their hand. 2 minutes later they apologised and got adopted again without being very rude.  – Nadia


The last days - The last days what a wonderful time. Kids can’t wait till summer, the children in the band can’t wait to become a drummer. Listening to music from their phones while playing football in the sun. They climb, jump and run all throughout the day. They have to wait though, because they still have eighty three days till summer break. At least the weekends are like mini summers as they are a small break from the hustle and bustle of the school week. With all the people talking, walking and sometimes running to their classes. So everyone needs a break sometimes The last days by Brisay Connelly


Coming to an end - Soon it’s going high school. The teacher said “you have 83 days of school.” In my head I was buzzing but I was sad. My nervous are coming in. It’s going to be crazy only 83 days. I don’t know if it’s going to be happy or sad. Also when he said 83 days my heart stop. When I’m thinking about it. Not going to see some of my closest friends. I wish we had a high school. I don’t want to leave this school. The is the best school ever. I don’t want to leave at all anymore. Tonagh. – Shannon


Jelly gummy Dino Squishy and wobbly lay an gummy jelly Dino long as a train and as thick as a bus as wobbly as jelly it ran like lightning and walked slow spikes on its back and spikes as teeth it’s predators are tiny tiny creatures like ants and spiders the T-Rex is a big Dino it’s belly as big as 2 buses together I went to see him as I walked slowly it saw me oh no it ran towards me I was in fear I got away and drove away as fast as I could I was now really really safe . – Kacey


100 days have passed - P7 100 days have passed in P7 1195 days and 28680 hours done. Primary one to primary 2 to primary 3 to primary 4 to primary 5 to primary 6 and the last year primary 7. 85 days to go of Tonagh Primary School. The years flew past, we were excited for weekend and grumpy on Mondays. With all the toys from primary one to picking high schools in primary 7. All the school trips we’ve been to and all that we missed because of corona striking in to ruin it. Only 85 days left in Tonagh Primary School. It’s been fun. By David

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